Photo credit: Amy Brathwaite Photography

Photo credit: Amy Brathwaite Photography

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What makes me tick

I’m an Artist/Maker/Designer who experiences pure JOY when working with my hands. Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a creative energy bubbling up inside me - the need to experiment, to build, to take things apart, to make marks and to play with colour. Fond childhood memories include: playing with my great grandgather’s hand drills at age 4; dismantling my transistor radio when I was 6; being a member of the Art Club in grade school; and building my basement bedroom with my dad at 15. Unfortunately there have been periods in my life when I ignored these needs and my soul suffered. After the birth of my second daughter, I realized that to be truly happy I had to create regularly. I experimented with art-metal sculpture, pottery, stained glass, mosaics, hand-painted furniture, watercolours and acrylics. In 2010, I began painting with encaustic medium and fell madly in love - it was so tactile and versatile - and there were tools, lots of awesome tools! Working with encaustic sparked a whole new creative passion in my heart that continues to this day.

Artist Statement

Painting with richly pigmented mediums, I create vibrant artwork inspired by the wonders of nature and the textures of urban life.  I absolutely love the unlimited freedom to intuitively play and experiment, especially when using encaustic (molten wax).  There is a unique thrill when manipulating the wax with my torch; embedding objects within luminous layers; rubbing in and scraping back - the possibilities are endless!  Everything falls away as I enter a creative, meditative state and let the process flow. 

The Facts

Professional Artist: 2011 - present
Art Instructor:  Encaustic Painting Workshops
Residential Designer:  1995 - Present
Philosophy: Be authentic + keep it simple
Studios: Toronto + Collingwood, ON Canada

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