Photo credit: Amy Brathwaite Photography

Photo credit: Amy Brathwaite Photography


To create from my soul + share my passion, expertise and optimism with others so that they MAY experience their own joy.


Artist Statement
Painting with richly pigmented mediums, I create vibrant artwork inspired by the wonders of nature and the textures of urban life.  I absolutely love the unlimited freedom to intuitively play and experiment, especially when using encaustic (molten wax).  There is a unique thrill when manipulating the wax with my torch; embedding objects within luminous layers; rubbing in and scraping back - the possibilities are endless!  Everything falls away as I enter a creative, meditative state - no distractions, just letting the process flow.  A wonderful part of being an artist are the relationships formed with clients - some of their emotional responses to my work include: instantaneous joy; inner calm; reawakening beautiful memories; a connection to the darkness within.

Artist: all my life    
Professional Artist: 2011 - present
Art Instructor:  Encaustic Painting Workshops
Residential Designer:  1995 - Present
Philosophy: Be authentic + keep it simple
Studios: Toronto + Collingwood, ON Canada

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