Custom Art Commissions

A wonderful part of my business is working with clients to create unique, custom paintings that they love!  Depending on what the client wants, sometimes I recreate one of my existing paintings in a different size or an alternative colour scheme.  The beauty of encaustic is that since I have some but not total control over the way the wax moves when I heat it, my paintings are all one of a kind.  If you are interested in a custom piece, I'd be happy to discuss my process with you. 
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Nature's Joy

Nature’s Joy

A client approached to me with a wonderful idea for her daughter's 50th birthday - an artistic collaboration - her outstanding photography incorporated into one of my colourful encaustic paintings! We began by discussing the things her daughter loved - nature, water, monarch butterflies, the colour purple. My client and her daughter share a special connection with Monarchs so that became the starting point. After receiving a variety of Felice's gorgeous photographs, I selected the ones I thought would work best and got to work. The final result - her daughter was thrilled with her surprise birthday gift!

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A Time for Us

A Time for Us

Finding the concept of my painting "Memories of Young Love" really interesting, the client asked me to create a new piece especially for her that incorporated her favourite song - 'A Time for Us' - the theme song from Romeo and Juliet.

"I cannot express enough how absolutely gifted Deanna is. Her imagination soars with vision and creativity. After our concept meeting, she was able to envision and then bring to life one of the most beautiful and meaningful pieces of art I now own. She knows how to read her clients, is professional, timely and highly personable. If you are looking for a beautiful and unique piece of art, I highly recommend working with Deanna." - Charlene, Acton, ON

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Strong Foundations

Strong Foundations

At a recent art show, the client loved three of my paintings that were already sold.  I created these unique 6x6 paintings for her based on the theme and colour schemes of the other pieces.

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the Key to...

Using client photos, I created a fun and unique piece of mixed media art that captures their family's summer adventures.